A full list of my academic outputs – up to date as of May 2015 – can be found below. Open Access papers have been highlighted.


Journal Papers

Manley, E. 2015. Estimating Urban Traffic Patterns through Probabilistic Interconnectivity of Road Network Junctions. PLOS ONE. Open Access.

Manley, E., Orr, S., Cheng, T. 2015. A Heuristic Model of Bounded Route Choice in Urban Areas. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. Open Access.

Zhong, C., Manley, E., Muller, S., Batty, M., Schmitt, G. 2015. Measuring Variability of Mobility Patterns from Multiday Smart-card Data. Journal of Computational Science.

Manley, E., Addison, J.D., Cheng, T. 2015. Shortest Path or Anchor-Based Route Choice: A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis of Minicab Routing in London. Journal of Transport Geography. Open Access.

Manley, E. Estimating the Topological Structure of Spatial Knowledge. 2015. Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy. 10.1007/s12061-014-9115-1. Open Access.

Manley, E. 2014. Identifying Functional Urban Regions within Traffic Flow. Regional Studies Regional Science. 1. 1. 40-42. 10.1080/21681376.2014.891649. Open Access.

Manley, E., Cheng, T., Penn, A., Emmonds, A. 2014. Combining Agent-based Modelling with Macroscopic Traffic Simulation for Large-Scale Behaviourally-Realistic Representations of Urban Traffic Flow. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. 44. 27-36.

Cheng, T., Haworth, J., Manley, E. 2012. Advances in Geocomputation (1996-2011). Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. 36. 6. 481-487.

Reades, J., Demsar, U., Manley, E., Batty, M. Revisiting the City Centre: a (New) Study of Functional Regions in London using Taxi Flows. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. (Under Review).


Book Chapters

Cheshire, J., Batty, M., Reades, J., Longley, P., Manley, E., Milton, R. 2013. CyberGIS for Analysing Urban Data. Springer-Verlag.

Batty, M., Manley, E., Milton, R., Reades, J. Smart London. Imagining the Future City: London 2062. London: Ubiquity Press.


Book Reviews

Manley, E. 2014. Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation. 17. 2.


Recent Conference Proceedings

Manley, E., Zhong, C., Batty, M. 2015. Towards Real-Time Simulation of Transportation Disruption – Building Agent Populations from Big Mobility Data. AAG.

Manley, E., Dennett, A., Batty, M. 2015. Using Mobile Phone Traces to Understand Activity and Mobility in Dakar, Senegal. GISRUK.

Manley, E., Mavros, P., Hudson-Smith, A. 2015. Understanding Urban Spatial Cognition Through Brain Scanning and Big Data Analysis. International Convention of Psychological Science.

Trozzi, V., Manley, E., Kasparias, I. 2014. Reliability-Based Route Choice in Public Transport Networks. 6th International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability.

Demsar, U., Reades, J., Manley, E., Batty, M. 2014. Edge-Based Communities for Identification of Functional Regions in a Taxi Flow Network. GIScience.

Manley, E., Cheng, T., Haworth, J. 2013. Markov Chain Topological Route Selection. GeoComputation 2013 .

Haworth, J., Cheng, T., Manley, E. 2013. Improving Forecasting under Missing Data on Sparse Spatial Networks. GeoComputation 2013.

Manley, E. 2013. Estimation of the Subjective Topological Structure of Action Spaces using Learning Agents. GISRUK.

Manley, E., Cheng, T., Penn, A. 2012. Modelling Movement in the City: The Influence of Individuals. Proceedings of 15th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science. Avignon, France.

Chow, A.H.F., Tsapakis, I., Manley, E., Tanaksaranond, G, Heydecker, B.G., Cheng, T., Emmonds, A. 2012. Fusion of Heterogeneous Urban Traffic Data. Proceedings of 1st European Symposium on Quantitative Methods in Transportation Systems.

Manley, E., Cheng, T., Emmonds, A. 2011. Understanding Route Choice using Agent-based Simulation. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Geocomputation, July 20-22 2011, London, UK. pp. 54-59.

Cheng, T., Anbaroglu, B., Manley, E. 2011. Spatio-Temporal Scan Statistics to Analyse Network Emergence. Proceedings of 58th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International. Miami, USA.

Manley, E., Cheng, T. 2011. Multi-Agent Simulation of Drivers Reactions to Unexpected Incidents on Urban Road Networks. Proceedings of GIS Research UK 2011. Portsmouth, UK. pp. 280-285.

Manley, E., Cheng, T. Understanding Road Congestion as an Emergent Property of Traffic Networks. 2010. Proceedings of the International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics. Orlando, USA. pp. 104-109.


Media Publications

Manley, E. Identifying clusters of activity on London’s roads. Guardian Data Blog. 27th November 2012.

Manley, E. Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations: where were the tweeting masses? Guardian Data Blog. 11th June 2012. /jun/11/queen-s-diamond-jubilee-twitter-tweeting

Manley, E. Swearing on Twitter: where in London is worst for *#$%!*@*?!. Guardian Data Blog. 4th May 2012.


Selected Invited Talks

Modelling World, London, UK – Plenary on Big Data – 4th June 2015 – Travel paid by organiser.

AGI GeoBig5, Belfast, UK – Keynote – 14th May 2015

Arup Executive Education, London, UK – Informatics and the City – 19th November 2014 – Paid.

Urban Design Group, London, UK – Data, Technology and Urban Design – 12th November 2014.

GeoMob, London, UK – Understanding Disruption on Public Transport Networks using Smart Card data – 17th July 2014.

Transport for London Internal Analysts Conference, London, UK – Understanding Travel Behaviour Through Big Data Analysis – 2nd July 2014.

Computational Social Science Conference, Warwick, UK – Cognitive Biases in Route Choice in Urban Areas – 11th June 2014 – Travel and Subsistence paid by organiser.

Modelling World, London, UK – Functional Resilience of the London Transport System – 5th June 2014 – Travel paid by organiser.

Mesh Conference, Toronto, Canada – Panel Discussion – 27th May 2014 – Travel and Subsistence paid by organiser.

London Showoff, London, UK – Why the Daily Mail Don’t Like Our Twitter Maps (but for all the wrong reasons) – 8th April 2014.

CASA Conference, London, UK – Understanding Disruption on Public Transport Networks using Smart Card data – 27th September 2013.

European Conference on Complex Systems, Barcelona, Spain – Understanding Disruption on Public Transport Networks using Smart Card data – 19th September 2013.

Auto Italia, London, UK – Big Data, Social Networks, Data Selves – 12th May 2013.

Something Else for the Weekend, London, UK – The Geography of Twitter – 11th May 2013.

Twitter, San Francisco, USA – The Geography of Twitter – 16th April 2013.

Association of American Geographers Conference 2013, Los Angeles, USA – Incorporating Heterogeneous Spatial Cognition into Urban Road Transportation Simulation – What Improvement on Conventional Methods? – 9th-13th April 2013.

UCL CRUCIBLE Seminar, London, UK – Agent-based Simulation – 27th November 2012.

European Conference on Complex Systems, Brussels, Belgium – Understanding Urban Traffic Patterns using (Big) Data and Agent-based Simulation – 5th September 2012.

Institute of Cartographers Conference, London, UK – Modelling the Formation of Road Congestion through the Influence of Individual Behaviour – 3rd September 2012.

UCL Space Group Seminar, London, UK – Modelling the Formation of Road Congestion through the Influence of Individual Behaviour – 22nd June 2012.

Crime-Policing-Citizenship Project Launch, London, UK – Agent-based Simulation of Non-Recurrent Congestion – 18th May 2012.

UCL Energy Institute Breakfast Seminar, London, UK – Agent-based Simulation – 13th March 2012.

Association of American Geographers 2012, New York, USA – Integrating Agent-based Models with Macroscopic Traffic Simulation – 22nd February 2012.

Association of American Geographers 2011, Seattle, USA – Modelling the Impact of Unexpected Interruptions on Road Network Performance using Agent-Based Simulation – 13th April 2011.

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