I am interested in a range of subjects relating to urban analytics, covering:

  • spatial cognition and behaviour
  • travel behaviour
  • urban transportation
  • spatial (big) data analysis
  • spatial decision-making
  • decision-making under uncertainty
  • bounded decision-making
  • habitual behaviour
  • agent-based modelling
  • network science
  • urban form and regionalisation
  • data visualisation
  • future cities
  • future mobility

I am or have supervised a number of PhD students in these areas…

  • Dr Patrizia Sulis (@patriziasulis) – Measuring urban vitality.
  • Zhonghao Xie – Modelling traveller choices under planned and unplanned disruption using heuristic decision-making methodologies.
  • Dave Concannon (@ddconcan) – Measuring and designing for data visualisation literacy.
  • Frank Chuang (@FrankWorldview)- Modelling cultural transitions to car-free cities through agent-based modelling.
  • Howard Wong – Exploring the effect of travel time information on passenger decision-making.
  • Obi Thompson Sargoni (@obi_sargoni)- Simulating interactions between people and autonomous vehicles in public spaces.
  • Szymon Walkowiak – Modelling spatial navigation decision making through large-scale trajectory data.

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