Agent-based Modelling and Geographic Information Science – A Whole Book!

I’m very excited to report the publishing of our new book on Agent-based Modelling and Geographic Information Science in January 2019!

Co-authored with Andrew Crooks, Nick Malleson, and Alison Heppenstall, the book aims to provide a broad and practical overview of building spatial agent-based models. It includes a vast set of example models, written in NetLogo, as well as teaching and tutorial materials. All of these materials are provided open source along side the book at our accompanying website –

We think the book covers a lot of ground, and should certainly provide a good primer for those starting off in spatial agent-based modelling. It also contains a brilliant foreword from Prof Mike Batty, which contextualises where we have come from and where we going with agent-based modelling.

The book is now available from Sage, or on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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